Fucked up!


Normally I wouldn’t do this. But hey no one knows who I am or anything about me.

Since my husband and I separated I have not talked bad about him or told anyone our business. When people asked “Hey what happened to you and David?” I say things just didn’t work out. I have been very mature about the entire thing…until now!

I am irate! So here is why…..I am from a very small town where everyone knows everyone. My husband’s family is very well known in our community and owns several businesses. His parents are the sweetest people on the planet! So with that being said everyone thinks David is a perfect southern gentleman….so did I that is how he comes off.

Well no one knows the dark truth about David. And I am about to fill you in on a little secret in a way I wish the bastard would read this!

As  I was checking out at a very well known market in my town a young man approached me telling me he saw my husband at a local bar with a trashy looking girl. (I am not trying to be conceited, but I have a college degree, I am petite…I AM the girl you want to take home to momma….despite my obsession with sex lol) anyways he described this girl as tatted up, smoking and bleach blonde hair with her roots showing….TOTALLY OPPOSITE OF ME! anyways he went on to say that He mentioned me and my husband soon to be ex husband had informed him I had an affair with a cop.

So apparently everyone now thinks I had an affair!!! I ABSOLUTELY DID NOT HAVE AN AFFAIR! I want the world to know why we are divorcing! And I am going to tell you guys so I can let out my frustrations!!!! My husband has anger problems….. my husband was very abusive to me, physically and emotionally… He also had a drinking problem. He choked me….he locked me in a room and refused to let me out….he would tell me I was worth nothing and that I was disgusting to him. He would control the money and I could never pay my bills until he had his beer bought for the week….So if there wasn’t enough money left for my bills it didn’t matter.

I understand sleeping with my friend with benefits is not a good idea considering I am STILL married, but we separated in February and my friends with benefits didn’t start until the end of April! That was the first person I have had sex with since my husband! But I have needs and I just miss having someone to be physical with. I know it’s not right but my marriage was over long before this even happened.

During this entire separation I never spoke badly of him because we both have very important careers that we have to have a very good reputation for. I didn’t want to ruin that for him so I never told the truth about why we were getting a divorce!

Now that I have found out the lies he has told makes me want to post on every social networking site the truth! But I am going to be more mature than that. I hope people do not believe the lies about me but I am sure they will because Davis is such a “southern gentleman”. But I have never in my life felt so betrayed.. how can someone who supposedly loved you try to bring you down so low!???

Being only 25 going through a divorce is embarrassing! Our marriage didn’t even make it a full year and that’s even more embarrassing and now that I walk into a store I know people are looking at me thinking I had an affair. I just don’t understand….. life is very fucked up! But I will not continue to let him hurt me so if you want to believe I had an affair so be it! I’m happier now because I can come home unafraid of what is going to happen! I am no longer walking on eggshells!

David, you are by far the shittiest person I have ever met and karma is coming for you! I can’t wait until the day our divorce is final..I will walk away and never look back….HERE IS A BIG FUCK YOU TO YOU ASSHOLE! 



So if you have read any of my prior blogs you should know I am going through a divorce and I LOVE sex which kind of makes this post a bit odd.

So I am the girl who has more guy friends than girl friends. Simply because I can’t deal with drama and I know a lot about sports which means I have more in common with guys. ANYWAYS ever since all of my guy friends found out I was getting a divorce they have not yet asked how I was doing, but simply asking me if I want to fuck!

I have known these guy friends of mine since we were 10 so 15 years and it really irks me that they have not been sympathetic to my situation what so ever! Obviously I am not depressed or upset about my divorce I am actually relieved because I don’t have to walk on egg shells anymore.

BUT STILL they don’t know the details and they don’t know about my friends with benefits on the side. My FWB is actually different from all of my other guy friends….I have known him for 15 years as well and he is basically a guy version of me and we work really well together. I can tell him he is an ass and he can tell me I am being a bitch and we are good with it and move on.

But moral of my rant be sympathetic you jerks!!! I am tired of hanging out and you getting all awkward with me and trying to hug and kiss on me! Like please be a bit respectful…. I AM A LADY even though I act like a man!! Geezzz

Porn isn’t enough.

Unfortunately my FWB (friends with benefits) works out of town Monday – Thursday. 

In a way it is a good thing because Thursday night – Sunday night we fuck A LOT! And it’s really good sex too! He is very dominant which is unusual because I am usually the one who takes control in the bedroom. 

Anyways… So the nights he is away. I have to get myself off because I am apparently a nymph and need to get off on a daily basis! But porn isn’t enough for me. It gets the job done but literally I’m only satisfied for like 20 mins and then the urge comes back. 

Maybe self satisfaction isn’t my forte. But I’m trying to restrain from going crazy like I used to be with multiple partners….so I’m only sticking to one fuck buddy this time. 

So what’s the secret? Am I doing something wrong. Or maybe I just need physical affection during my orgasm to feel completely satisfied. Because after a good round of fucking I’m golden, but when I try to do the deed myself I’m never satisfied afterwards.

Any tricks I should try before I spend my entire day with my dildo only to be left unsatisfied?  

I really hope my FWB is ready for Thursday because my urges are getting unbearable and I need to release. 

Xoxoxo just another fucked up day in the life of mid twentys!  


Mid twenty journeys

I decided on the blog name mid twenty journeys because I am in my mid twenties and I have had a hell lot of journeys. I hope some of you can relate to me. If you do then your life may be as fucked up as mine. From the outside I am “normal” I have a house, 3 dogs, and a wonderful career. But what the outside doesn’t see is that I am 25 and going through a divorce. My marriage lasted all of 6 months. I knew from the day he proposed it wasn’t going to work. I wanted marriage and a family so badly I didn’t care how he treated me I wanted that lifestyle. I am a bit of a cougar. He is 4 years younger than me. His age probably has to do a lot with his behavior. After I realized I wanted out of my marriage I moved to a different city. I went on a vacation with my mom and my aunt. We had a blast, I even hooked up with a guy from a bar…. to me life was going GREAT! I have not filed for divorce because I am scared of committing to something that is “forever” I know once we are divorced it is forever! By no means do I want to still be with him, it is just a big pill to swallow to realize I am divorced at 25 after a 9 month marriage. I mean things could definitely be worse! I do worry about him sometimes. Is this normal? Majority of my days I don’t miss him one bit, but on nights like tonight…I do miss him. I don’t know why. But here comes the shocker…I kind of already moved on. There is this guy who I am in business with…. we used to fuck and now we fuck again. I realize I shouldn’t do this…but it’s like I feel the need to feel wanted! I need sexual attention. A LOT of sexual attention. I am not a normal female. I love sex. In my college days and even a year after I participated in a lot of sexual activities if you will. Numerous partners a week. I don’t regret it. I am not that type of girl.. I don’t want to be. I believe sex is how I look for love. I honestly don’t think I have ever been in love before which is sad. Back to my business partner… we have a contract deal and rules Fifty Shades may have inspired me. HE doesn’t want a relationship and neither do I. It is strictly a just fucking relationship. BUT things have started progressing into a “real” relationship the past few weeks. Neither of us will mention it. The thing is it FEELS good! I like it! If anything ever came of this I know it is automatically doomed because I am technically married. Once again I have fucked it up! My decisions have been fucked up here lately. When am I going to get my head out of my ass and find happiness within myself and not in physical attention? Hmmmm just another day in a mid twenty’s fucked up life. xoxoxo