Fuck with my head

If you haven’t read any of my prior blogs…this one will not make sense to you. I don’t feel like elaborating what is going on in my life ……AGAIN!

So I haven’t heard from David since Saturday…when he basically said he wished I was dead and he didn’t want anything in the world to do with me…..until Tuesday night. He sent a simple text that said are you busy? I replied “kinda”….he responded nevermind. I knew exactly what was up.

He does this at least once a week. He gets drunk,,,,misses me and wants to talk to me and tell me he loves me. I didn’t fall for it this time. I never responded.

Today, I was having a wonderful day! It was my first actual day at my new summer job. I loved every bit of it!! I was leaving work when I got a phone call from David…….and his lawyer.  He is taking me to court. He filed for divorce. I never had so many emotions go through my head,

It is all surreal…it is exactly what I wanted but he is doing this dirty….I don’t understand why he couldn’t go to the courthouse sign the damn papers and be done with it. Noooo he wants to drag me through the mud!

I can’t explain how betrayed I am by this man! I left an abusive relationship and his family, community, and friends are behind him no matter what.


All I want to say to David, is karma is a bitch and it is coming for you!

I for some reason care and love you but I don;t know how much longer I will and I feel soooooooo sorry for you. When your day comes. It’s not going to be a good day. I hate it for you.

a day in the life of a fucked up twenty five year old.


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